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A: If work being done will interrupt service, we will alert you to know in

advance by public notices. The notices may come through public address

announcements, written notices posted on strategic places, WhatsApp groups


A: To ensure that you will have clean and reliable water services for now and

in the future, there is need for investments in the quality and quantity of our

sources and our pipeline network. Climate adaptation, population growth,

pollution, sustainability and the increasing task of replacing underground aged

infrastructure, require a substantial increase in investments. The dry summers of

recent years have made it unequivocally clear how necessary these investments

are. In order to be able to finance the necessary additional investments in the

coming years, CRWB must generate sufficient income.

A: Like any Malaŵian water company, CRWB calculates the rates for the

following year before the start of a new calendar year (budgeting). This is done

in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Waterworks Act No 17 of

1995. For example, the rates must be cost-effective, transparent and nondiscriminatory. As a water utility company, we are also bound by a specific

financial limit set by the Minister of Water & Sanitation

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