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Dowa Contract Signing


On 28 September 2023, the Central Region Water Board signed a three-year contract with Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) (Egypt) in Association with BAWI Consultants (Malawi) for Design Review and Construction Supervision of Dowa Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

The main objective of the Dowa Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project is to increase access to reliable and sustainable potable water supply and improved sanitation services for the socio-economic growth of 150,120 people of Dowa Town and surrounding areas up to 2035.

The project will achieve the following:

i. improved water supply reliability from 8 hours to 24 hours per day by 2026;

ii. improved water supply coverage from 47% to 78% in 2026 and 100% by 2035;

iii. consistently meet the required water quality standards;

iv. reduced non-revenue water from 46% to 25% by 2035; and

v. improved sanitation services in Dowa district hospital, Dzaleka and certain schools in Dowa district.

The works will mainly involve upgrading and expansion of the existing water supply system in Dowa Town and surrounding areas to meet the current and future demand. The works, will therefore, include the rehabilitation, expansion and improvement of the capacity of the raw water intake, water treatment plant, transmission pipelines and distribution system, including the construction of pumping stations and reservoirs. The project will also include activities that will improve the capacity of the CRWB to operate and maintain its facilities.

The consultancy services will therefore involve detailed design review and construction supervision of the works. In addition, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment will be updated. To achieve this, the Consultant is expected to:

a. Carry out a critical review of the existing detailed designs and other available studies/documents/investigations for the project.

b. Develop a GIS system for the water supply system with shapefiles from the gathered information.

c. Review the socio-economic, institutional and financial assessments of Dowa water supply system for effective and reliable efficient water supply services.

d. Review the environmental and social impact (ESIA) assessment for the proposed upgrading and expansion works for Dowa water supply system to update the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).

e. Prepare Tender Documents including technical specifications and engineering cost estimates according to international standards (African Development Bank).

f. Assist the Client in the process of tendering, tender evaluation and contract negotiations and signing of the contract agreements.

g. Supervise and monitor the physical progress and financial status of the construction works on behalf of the client by ensuring that progress is measured regularly, and payment certificates are prepared. The works are to be completed on time, within budget and meeting the acceptable engineering and safety quality.

The Contract Amount is USD1,652,000