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Rural Community apprised of Kholongo Dam Project

On 30th November 2022, teams from Central Region Water Board (CRWB), Officials from the Ministry of Water and Sanitation and the Doŵa District Council, sensitised Chiefs, community leaders and the general public from within the vicinity of the site for the dam regarding multipurpose Kholongo Dam to be constructed. The meeting was held at Chitovu Village, T. A. Chakhaza in the district. A similar sensitisation meeting was held in Mponela on 11th November 2022.

The Dam shall be a source of water for domestic consumption, irrigation, fish farming, tourist activities and as well as maintaining environmental flows.

The areas that are earmarked to be supplied with potable water include Mponela Town which is on the plan for one of the Secondary Cities and other surrounding areas including Kasese, Makonola, Madisi, Kazonga, Mtiti, Nkhamanga, Kawele Trading Centres.

The designed dam will be of at least 21m high with a crest length of 896m long with minimum gross storage capacity of 25 Mm3 and live storage capacity of 20.7 Mm3. Other features shall include river diversion including a permanent cofferdam within the main dam; spillway; intake tower; hydromechanical and electrical plant. 

At this stage, contracts for ESIA, RAP and Construction are being finalized. The project cost is estimated at MK60,070,364,693.95. For more, visit